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          In 1998, Tianjin jiuri chemilcal Co., Ltd. was founded by Guofeng Zhao who was the managing director and other professors of Nankai University, and produced pesticide products.
          In 2000, Jiuri Chemical began to produce JRCure ITX of photoinitiator and be focused on UV technology.
          In 2007, photoinitiators became mainly products of Jiuri Chemical.
          In 2008,with the rapid development, the sales of Jiuri Chemical had  substantial increase.
          In 2010, the new production base of photoinitiators was began to build in Shandong, which would be a modern factory with covering an area of 150 acres.
          In 2011, joint-stock enterprise was founded and Jiuri Chemical was aiming to be one of the most excellent manufacturers and suppliers of photoinitiators in the world.
          In 2012, Shandong factory was brought into operation and Jiuri Chemical went public in the new third board(an over-the-counter market for growth enterprises).
          In 2013, the RadTech China assessed JIURI as the "leader of china UV-Curing materials". JIURI set out for "No. 1 UV-Curing series products sales in the world".
          In 2014, JIURI merged Changzhou Runtec Chemical Co., LTD., and renamed as Changzhou Jiuri Chemical Co., LTD.
          In 2015, Tianjin Jiuri Chemical Co., LTD. was renamed to Tianjin Jiuri New Materials Co., LTD., implemented product diversification development strategy, and actively expanded the UV-Curing new materials industry, determined to become a leader of global UV-Curing materials (vision).
          In 2016, JIURI entered National Equities Exchange and Quotations(NEEQ) "innovation layer"; Dr. Guo-feng zhao, on behalf of the company to attend the Summer Davos Forum; The new production base "Hunan Jiuri" put into formal operation.
          In 2017, JIURI entered into the phase of "IPO guidance"; Set up a wholly owned subsidiary "Jiuyuan technology".
          In 2018, JIURI set up a "Hong Kong Jiuri" and "Dongying Jiuri", "Dongying Jiuri" will be the fourth production base of JIURI.
          In 2019, JIURI invested holding compay "Ningxia Jiuri".