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          Sales Network

          Sales Network

            Tianjin Jiuri New Materials Co., Ltd. has been one of the important photoinitiator suppliers and manufacturers. From now on, the company will devote itself to building global marketing and technical support network taking 'one-stop' service as target, so as to transform from manufacturer to service provider and provide the customers with more excellent and efficient services.

          Foreign Trading Dept.   
          Sales Director   Email: roc@jiurichem.com
          Tel: +86-22-58330796  Fax: +86-22-58330770 
          European Area   Tel: +86-22-58330786  Email:serena@jiurichem.com
          American Area   Tel: +86-22-58330776  Email:merry@jiurichem.com 
          Asia-Pacific Area Tel: +86-22
          -58330787  Email:trade@jiurichem.com
          Address: 5-6F, Building C, Vision Hill, No.1 Gonghua Road, Huayuan Hi-tech park, Tianjin, China  300384